The Fairy and the Moon

Once upon a time, there was a little fairy who lived in a flower garden. She loved to fly around and play with her friends, the butterflies and the bees. She was very happy, but she had one wish: she wanted to see the moon.

Every night, she would look up at the sky and admire the bright and beautiful moon. She wondered what it was like to touch it, to feel its light and warmth. She wished she could fly up there and visit the moon.

One night, she decided to try. She flew as high as she could, but the moon was still far away. She flew higher and higher, until she reached the clouds. She thought she was close to the moon, but she was wrong. The moon was still far away.

She flew higher and higher, until she felt cold and tired. She realized she had gone too high, and she was lost. She could not see the moon, nor the stars, nor the earth. She was surrounded by darkness and silence. She was scared and lonely.

She started to cry, and her tears sparkled like diamonds in the dark. She wished she could go back to her flower garden, to her friends, to her home. She wished she had never tried to fly to the moon.

Suddenly, she heard a gentle voice. It was the moon. The moon had heard her cry, and had come to help her. The moon said, “Don’t be afraid, little fairy. I am here. I have been watching you, and I know your wish. You are brave and curious, and I admire you. But you are too small to fly to me. You belong to the earth, where you can be happy and free. Let me take you back to your flower garden, to your friends, to your home. And let me give you a gift, to show you my love and gratitude.”

The moon wrapped the fairy in a soft and warm light, and carried her gently back to the earth. The fairy felt safe and calm, and she thanked the moon for saving her. The moon smiled and said, “You are welcome, little fairy. And here is my gift for you: from now on, every night, you will be able to see me from your flower garden. And every time you look at me, I will look back at you, and we will be friends. You will always have a part of me in your heart, and I will always have a part of you in mine.”

The fairy was overjoyed, and she hugged the moon. The moon kissed her forehead, and said, “Good night, little fairy. Sweet dreams.” The moon then left her in her flower garden, where her friends, the butterflies and the bees, were waiting for her. They were happy to see her, and they welcomed her back. The fairy told them her story, and they were amazed. They looked up at the moon, and they saw it wink at them. They smiled and waved, and the moon smiled and waved back.

The fairy was happy, and she felt a warm glow in her chest. She realized it was the moon’s gift, the part of the moon that was in her heart. She felt the moon’s love and friendship, and she felt grateful. She said, “Thank you, moon. Thank you for being my friend. I love you.” The moon heard her, and said, “You are welcome, fairy. Thank you for being my friend. I love you too.”

And so, the fairy and the moon became friends, and they lived happily ever after. The end.






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